1. When will I receive my unit?
  2. Can I wash and treat my wig?
  3. Can I use heat on my wig?
  4. Can I swim with my wig on?
  5. Can I get a custom wig made?
  6. How do I order my wig?
  7. If the wig I wanted is sold out, when will you have another one in stock?
  8. Where can I try on the wigs?
  9. What is the elastic band method? HAT IS THE ELASTIC BAND METHOD?
  10. How do I know my cap size?
  11. What is a custom hair line?
  12. How do I choose my lace color?
  13. What do I do if I purchased the wrong size?
  14. Can I sew my wig on to braids? Can I glue it? Can I wear it glueless? How do I use tape adhesive on my wig?
  15. How long should a wig last?
  16. What is a wig cap?
  17. What is density?
  18. Where should I have my wig installed?
  19. Where are your wigs made?
  20. What is my wig gets damaged during shipping?


  1. Do I have to use specific products with my wig?
  2. Does your product line contain sulfates?
  3. Does Hair Crush test its’ products on animals?
  4. Where are your hair products made?
  5. Are the hair products vegan?
  6. Do you have styling products?
  7. Do you sell your hair products at stores?